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As is typical for Olden Folkes Lyke Mee, and despite the part where last night I stayed up until very early in the morning before I went to bed, I'm tired now. Not sure if I'm going to make it to midnight (in another 3 hours 40 minutes).

I signed into the App Store through my spiffy new 4G iPod Touch, but gave them no credit card, so it's set up exactly the way I want: Freebie apps only! I am very tempted by Plants Vs Zombies as some astronomy apps, but I don't have any money yet. I particularly like the one where you point the camera at the sky and the app tells you what you're looking at. Or the other one that lets you point the camera at a book and gives you the entry on Amazon. I haven't found an astrology program, but I'm still looking.

I did find an app for identifying playing music in the background. That'll come in handy, since although the wait staff in a given diner has heard the same songs over and over for the past week, they often can't identify the tune in question.

In other news I discovered LMMS, an absolutely free and open source program equivalent to FL Studio, for making great-sounding music. Tutorials are at the site and on YouTube.


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