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Sweetie's desktop machine didn't come up this morning. The power supply works, the rest of the thing operates, but the USB didn't, and the video card didn't. I suspect there's some sort of hinky OS-related thing that keeps the USB from working, and I also suspect the video card simply died.

I mean, some approaches to USB are that it's not really in place until the OS comes up, and it's the OS and not the hardware that handles USB devices. It's stupid, but there it is.

Anyway, Sweetie came into the bedroom in a panic this morning, grumbling all the way, because she had been playing Plants V. Zombies and the power suddenly ran out, forcing the machine (without a warning, no less) into hibernation. So she came for the cord, and that woke me up.

To test if it's the video card and not something else, I needed a Molex connector and an adapter, because the old video card was just an FX 5200, and the only video cards I have on hand are middle-high end 3D cards which need a six-pin Molex connector for the extra power they need.

I was able to find the adapter (yay) but no Molex connector (aww), so it looks like I get to scavenge the beefier power supply and video card from one machine and put it into my machine, then take the current power supply and video card from my current machine and put them both into hers.

That process is not happening tonight, I'll tell you that. It's happening tomorrow, with Sweetie safely at work and outside of ground zero.

So I'm flying blind. I think I know what the problem is, but I'm not sure, and won't know for sure until this big long production with the power supply and the video card.

Oh, and that's not even the end of it. See, I know what happens when Windows has a new video card and the old one is gone. It goes back to the default screen resolution, which is something like 1024 by 768, and then tells you it's noticed new hardware, and do you have the drivers for it?

My desktop machine is not Windows, however. It's Linux. I went for instructions, and apparently on the way through booting up, I get to hit the ESCape key, choose Recovery Mode, and then either I get to ask it to please repair Xorg video, or I get a command line where I get to type "dpkg-reconfigure server-xorg", select vesa, and then reboot. Won't that be fun?

Then I get to find the correct driver and install that.

If all goes well, it'll be done tomorrow. If things don't go well, I may be working on this thing the rest of the month. Whee.


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