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Aug. 11th, 2009 03:48 am
jamesh: White, male, with beard and glasses, scruffy. (Default) is another website like wolfram designed to create ringtones, but instead of generating one with randomness like Wolfram does, Audiko does it by taking a tune from you and clipping out a chunk using tools on the site to create a distinctive ringtone. Further, it'll give you clips other people have made and let you listen to them, thus exposing you not only to other people's creations, but also to music you might not have heard before. Granted, you don't hear complete pieces, but you'll certainly hear enough of a tune to determine whether you like it enough to look for the rest of the tune.

Of course, if you'd prefer to create your own music, try this site. I'm sure there's a way to get music off of there somehow, which you can then clip into pieces or whatever.

Last night my music player (Sansa e270) temporarily bricked, which is to say it became an unresponsive piece of plastic that would not turn on or reset or react to being plugged in. The main problem I've had with it as a player is despite the 6gb holding capacity, it really wants to work with Microsoft Media Player (1)(2), and the people at Sansa made it so it re-encodes everything you put on it.

So, my player bricked, I went searching for another player. I found the Transcend 8gb player, which, if the music player ever really fails to work, will still function as a thumb drive. Since I've never filled my old player more than half capacity, I also figured I could get by with a 4gb player (like <ahref="">this one).

Oh, breaking news: a 4-inch wolf spider came in, creating the response in Sweetie where she comes and gets me to get it out of the house. Mind you, fearful as she may be of it, she does not want it killed. She wants it captured and removed from the house, somewhere the cats are not. I put it under the house to play with the raccoons.

(1) which I don't use for several reasons, amongst which I really don't trust software designed to work with an OS so completely that it insinuates little tendrils into said OS such that it cannot be separated, not to mention Microsoft's whole authoritarian attitude. This is, incidentally, my same problem with IE.
(2) So instead, I use Winamp, which, after a new version or two actually would load and access the player. To replace IE I use Firefox for the day-to-day web browsing. I only use IE for updating Windows.


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