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When LJ tells me the original user agreement is in Russian and they can't guarantee the English version of what They Provided is binding to them, I know it's time for me to leave LJ and not go back. A shame, really. So, basically, if someone on LJ claims to be me, they're lying. I'm going to be here on DW.

I can't even get into my LJ account to delete it without signing their agreement, and since I don't speak Russian Legalese, I'm going to just pretend it doesn't exist anymore and move on.

Video games

May. 9th, 2017 06:38 pm
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It seems like HumbleBundle or Gog or Steam comes out with another sale, and a month later, I find out how cool it is from someone's Let's Play on YouTube. Sometimes I have purchased the games, sometimes I haven't. I don't think this is a complaint, exactly. I just wish I could guess closer to 100% of the time which games were going to turn out to be Really Cool...but if I could do that, I'm sure I would've been barred from Las Vegas by now. :)

I have Astroneer and Subnautica and Stonehearth (NOT Hearthstone). I don't yet have Oxygen Not Included, or Scanner Sombre (which I just found out about). Fract OSC turns out to be too confusing for me to play, and yet I love wandering around on the inside of it.


Jan. 2nd, 2015 07:12 pm
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A friend invited the Wife, I saw over her shoulder and thought "I haven't been at Dreamwidth in forever" and here I am.

I'm toning down Facebook, verging over to G+, although I'm not really there very often, either. I don't like how FB apparently thinks they can do whatever they like and never have to worry about users. G+ is a little better, but people I know aren't there, so I'm not sure what to do about that.

I am exploring MIDI. I have a piano that hooks into my ancient iPod for synthesizer hijinks. The piano doesn't really want to hook into the desktop machine anymore, although the laptop takes the MIDI cables just fine. That laptop has been so good to me over the years...

What else? Reddit remains a place to go every now and then. I write schlock fiction for myself in various forms, though it's unlikely ever to see print. Print isn't its purpose, though.

I want to game. I'm just trying to figure out how to do that, as I can't seem to clean up the house sufficient to host a game here.

Still thinking.
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After much thought I have to let go of some more of my dreams.

I am not an aspiring artist or writer. I have some of those skills, but I don't draw or write enough, nor have the desire to draw or write, enough to say that those define any part of me. I sometimes write and I occasionally will draw something, but that's about it.

Likewise, I know a little martial arts, but it's not something I really do except for sometimes, when I'm bored, or when I just want to, or when I think I need to exercise enough to actually do some of the moves.

The trouble is, with those things gone, I don't really know who I am anymore. I don't have an identity I can point to and say: "That's who I am. That's what I do." I only know what I'm not.

As usual, I can divest myself of false images in the hopes that some other identity will present itself in the wake of the old, dead dreams. Not artist, writer, martial artist, scholar.

Maybe I'm a magician, maybe I'm still some sort of philosopher, maybe I'm a role player or gamer.

We'll see.


May. 25th, 2011 10:20 pm
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I think I've figured out what initiative is.

Initiative is the purpose that you give yourself where you decide what you're thinking about is important enough that it needs to be done.

It might be done wrong, but it'll still be done.

That feeling of willingness to do stuff is initiative.


Feb. 7th, 2011 04:53 pm
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Tired. Sick. Runny nose, sore and scratchy throat, dizzy head (tho Sweetie would probably say this is normal). Living on NyQuil, C, Protein and Water. Sleeping a lot.

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It's an interesting idea. I'm not quite ready to sign it because I'm not level-headed enough to know what I think about it right now, but it certainly would be an acceptable alternative on the face of it.
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Sweetie's desktop machine didn't come up this morning. The power supply works, the rest of the thing operates, but the USB didn't, and the video card didn't. I suspect there's some sort of hinky OS-related thing that keeps the USB from working, and I also suspect the video card simply died.

Technical Details and Sarcasm Follow... )

If all goes well, it'll be done tomorrow. If things don't go well, I may be working on this thing the rest of the month. Whee.
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I discovered something interesting about Livejournal just now.

The S2 style of page formatting which is supported has no date on the Friends entries unless you have a paid account. If you go back to the S1 style of page formatting which is not supported, you get the date back, although admittedly you don't get the pretty colors and designs of the S2 page format.

Dreamwidth, meanwhile, doesn't care. You always get the date regardless of your paid or unpaid status.

Odd, that.
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As is typical for Olden Folkes Lyke Mee, and despite the part where last night I stayed up until very early in the morning before I went to bed, I'm tired now. Not sure if I'm going to make it to midnight (in another 3 hours 40 minutes).

I signed into the App Store through my spiffy new 4G iPod Touch, but gave them no credit card, so it's set up exactly the way I want: Freebie apps only! I am very tempted by Plants Vs Zombies as some astronomy apps, but I don't have any money yet. I particularly like the one where you point the camera at the sky and the app tells you what you're looking at. Or the other one that lets you point the camera at a book and gives you the entry on Amazon. I haven't found an astrology program, but I'm still looking.

I did find an app for identifying playing music in the background. That'll come in handy, since although the wait staff in a given diner has heard the same songs over and over for the past week, they often can't identify the tune in question.

In other news I discovered LMMS, an absolutely free and open source program equivalent to FL Studio, for making great-sounding music. Tutorials are at the site and on YouTube.


Oct. 17th, 2010 09:30 am
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Today is day two.

Day one was not terribly pleasant. I wasn't an asshole, but I was steadily more and more irritated throughout shopping. Only seemed to recover from the mood when the drugs wore off. I'm hoping this isn't going to be common behavior.

Psychiatrist seems to think Ritalin is going to effect me the same as it does everyone else, and does not seem to account for ADD metabolism. To him, Ritalin is speed, and as such can only have the one possible effect. The fact that I get mental clarity from it is obviously just a side effect, or perhaps a personal interpretation of what Ritalin does. I sometimes wonder if he thinks the ADD reverse effect from caffeine and sugar is psychosomatic or what. The only reason I am currently on Ritalin at all is because I crammed the option down his throat. Previously, if Strattera didn't work for me (it doesn't) there was no other possible option in his mind. No, ADD is not his particular specialty, how did you guess?

But there are no other options for psychiatrist unless we want to double the price long-term until we can narrow down exactly what substance at what dose.

Sweetie came in with me during last appointment. Psychiatrist didn't like that, although he kept his tone of voice polite enough, which is what I pick up on. I totally missed the snottiness and dismissiveness she caught onto, or not until she pointed it out.

The current plan is to try this dose and then double it at the start of next month, and see if things improve. The last time I tried Ritalin I came to the conclusion that Ritalin just made everything go faster, but not clearer or smarter. I didn't remember what I meant when I was off it, but now I'm beginning to see I was right.

linky #023

Aug. 11th, 2009 03:48 am
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audiko.net is another website like wolfram designed to create ringtones, but instead of generating one with randomness like Wolfram does, Audiko does it by taking a tune from you and clipping out a chunk using tools on the site to create a distinctive ringtone. Further, it'll give you clips other people have made and let you listen to them, thus exposing you not only to other people's creations, but also to music you might not have heard before. Granted, you don't hear complete pieces, but you'll certainly hear enough of a tune to determine whether you like it enough to look for the rest of the tune.

Of course, if you'd prefer to create your own music, try this site. I'm sure there's a way to get music off of there somehow, which you can then clip into pieces or whatever.

Last night my music player (Sansa e270) temporarily bricked, which is to say it became an unresponsive piece of plastic that would not turn on or reset or react to being plugged in. The main problem I've had with it as a player is despite the 6gb holding capacity, it really wants to work with Microsoft Media Player (1)(2), and the people at Sansa made it so it re-encodes everything you put on it.

So, my player bricked, I went searching for another player. I found the Transcend 8gb player, which, if the music player ever really fails to work, will still function as a thumb drive. Since I've never filled my old player more than half capacity, I also figured I could get by with a 4gb player (like <ahref="http://www.amazon.com/jwin-mp3-player-usb-plug/dp/b002d0j5my">this one).

Oh, breaking news: a 4-inch wolf spider came in, creating the response in Sweetie where she comes and gets me to get it out of the house. Mind you, fearful as she may be of it, she does not want it killed. She wants it captured and removed from the house, somewhere the cats are not. I put it under the house to play with the raccoons.

(1) which I don't use for several reasons, amongst which I really don't trust software designed to work with an OS so completely that it insinuates little tendrils into said OS such that it cannot be separated, not to mention Microsoft's whole authoritarian attitude. This is, incidentally, my same problem with IE.
(2) So instead, I use Winamp, which, after a new version or two actually would load and access the player. To replace IE I use Firefox for the day-to-day web browsing. I only use IE for updating Windows.
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I'm exploring Dreamwidth again. It's developing, but not nearly as quickly as I had expected, and certainly not in any of the directions I would have liked. Still, it's safe, and nice to have a place other than LiveJournal where I can fall to in case LJ decides to go Dark Empire on us all and demand total and unrelenting subservience. I can see it happening.

I am attempting to draw the cats again. Mind you, this is sheer stupidity on my part because once they see you looking at them, they know in their Evil Little Hearts what you are doing, and then they move. So I am getting a lot of half- or quarter-formed sketches of cat faces and cat bodies. And switching back and forth between them as a given cat moves between poses.

The Strattera continues to be interesting. Minor dizziness I am not sure wasn't in force before it came along, blown sleep schedule I am continuing to have trouble taming, and panic attacks if I do not take enough water with the pills. Yeah, Sweetie cannot imagine it is the pills that are giving me the panic attacks, but I just know what I experience. Dry swallowing these things is the worst idea imaginable.

Restless nights, too, meaning I am either up easily until 2:30am, or I awaken at or just before midnight and spend the next three hours lying in the darkness trying to think of something to do which does not involve light or motion.

As a result of this early morning wakefulness, writing has taken off like there's no tomorrow (reflected in the late-night wakefulness as it refuses to shut down at a reasonable hour and let me sleep) and drawing is actually happening.

This brings us full circle to the insane matter of drawing cats. I certainly have enough photos of the furry little suckers, so what I really ought to be doing is clearing out some space in front of my computer for sketching on and then bringing up photos and doing my best with something that is not going to decide on its own to change position again.
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I'm at Dreamwidth.

It looks a lot like where I came from, except this time I was able to weasel a bit of my actual external self into my account name. Yay!

I can't wait to explore this place...


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